Hiking Applegate

Since this is my last week in Applegate and no one here can understand my Spanish blog entries, I decided to write this one in English.

This morning, Denisse, a friend of the Russell’s, came by the house to take me for a hike through the forests of Applegate. Not only was I glad to have her with me so we could scare the mountain lions away but she happened to know most of the native plants we encountered. On our way back we had an interesting talk about politics but that’s just another chapter.

The hike starts at Boole Road and after walking for a while you get to a point where you have to take one out of three paths. We took the road less traveled by, where we had a nice view of the American River. I have to say I really like this river. It’s nothing like the torrid, steep, dark colored rivers of Perú. This one has turquoise waters flowing smoothly through the foothill’s beaches. Must be something in the summer!

It started getting really hot so we decided not to walk down to the river bank; we would’ve regretted it on our way up. Instead we walked into the right hand path, reaching at the end a small rock building construction that probably was used during the Gold Rush period. It’s not the first one I’ve seen along this river but it surely was the one left in best conditions. “Private property” was the sign on the entrance. I peeked through the door and i guess some rattlesnakes own it.

On the presentation below is a brief summary of our hike this morning. I support the idea of using native plants in garden plantations (maybe not all, but surely most). So here are some of the California natives we saw blooming this day of spring:

El pase de diapositivas requiere JavaScript.

4 respuestas a “Hiking Applegate

    • Sí, pareciera. Son plantas que pertenecen al “Woodland” o bosque perennifolio. Estas pueden tener especies variantes en los diferentes woodlands del mundo pero muchas de ellas provienen de las mismas familias. En estos ecosistemas existen diversas plantas nativas y flores que atraen mariposas. Por ello la foto de la oruga. Este link muestra las ilustraciones de John Tenniel en el libro original de Alicia en el País de las Maravillas:

  1. OH Diane! You did a wonderful job- so articulate and lovely. I really enjoyed our time hiking and discussing…if you ever come back to California, please look us up!

    • Thank you Denise! It was a nice hike! Hope you can send me some rice krispies recipes! Take care and I’ll definately come back and visit if I ever come around this area again.


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